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Moraya Bay has started 2011 with a bang!  We have 3 new contracts and another closed sale on PH08! And that is just in the first 6 weeks of 2011!!!  With the harsh reality of winter up North and near record breaking temps in Naples, a beachfront home is exactly what people want.  Not only has traffic picked up at Moraya Bay but in Naples as a whole!  ”We’ve outperformed January 2010 by 85%,” says Judy Green, chief executive officer of Premier Sotheby’s International Realty in Naples. “It’s almost as if someone just turned on a faucet and the people are out there. They’re making deals.”  According to Florida Realtors, sales were up statewide in 2010 by 29% for condominiums.  Here are some great articles that talk about the current conditions in the Naples Real Estate Market.

Cnn Money-  Buying a second home

Wall Street Journal- Why 2011 may be the end of the housing crash!

Boston Globe-Prime time to buy property in Florida

Don’t you want to sit on the beach by now……. Moraya Bay


Moraya Bay enjoyed more press when Gulf Shore life featured a Moraya Bay residence!  With each owner able to customize their unit the possibilities are endless!

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