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Everywhere you go you here agents talking about the great year they’ve had!!! Normally slow in the last quarter of the year agents wait till “season” the high time when the Snowbirds fly south and enjoy our slice of paradise here in Southwest Florida.  This year there wasn’t a “down time”  last quarter was busy, 1st quarter of 2012 was on FIRE!!!!!  Here at Moraya Bay we have 9 closed and contracted sales for the first part of 2012.  Totaling over $32 million dollars.  In 2011 we did 10 sales!

Here is the US market reports from Real Trends Housing Market.

The April 2012 report shows that rate of housing sales for April 2012 increased strongly on an annualized basis over a year ago.  Overall, April 2012 new and existing unit sales were up 11.2 percent from a year ago.  The annual rate for April of 2012 was 4.86 million up from 4.374 million in March of 2012.

The average price of homes sold increased significantly rising 3.6 percent from April 2011 to April 2012.

THe May 10th REAL Trends Housing Market Report showed that the combination of new and existing home sales in April 2012 continued to strengthen from the prior year.  The annualized rate of the combination of new and existing home sales increased to 4.86 million from the 4.37 million recorded in April 2011.

The average price of homes sold in April 2012 was up 3.6 percent from the average price of homes sold in April 2011 marking the best price results on home sales in the last nine months.

Housing unit sales for April 2012 were up 20.0 percent in the Midwest, the strongest showing in the country for the third consecutive month.  The next highest region was the South where unit sales were up 12.4 percent, the Northeast increased by 12.1 percent and the West region saw an increase of 3.0 percent for the same period.

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